Skytec is a leader in Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies. Skytec provides competitive data capture, analysis and information delivery services with a commitment to safety, innovation and achieving our client’s objectives through high quality work and expertise. .

Data Collection

Data Collection

Aerial LiDAR
Aerial LiDAR High quality point cloud captured through dense vegetation

Active laser sensor allows for capture of dense 3D point clouds
• Capable of capturing ground surface through vegetation
• The best available technology for vertical accuracy
• Used to create map products, inspect surfaces, and generate 3D models

Photogrammetry Aerial orthomosaic image and elevation products

The unmanned aerial platform provides unparalleled high resolution mapping capabilities. With the ability to generate high accuracy, cloud-free imagery and elevation data sets on demand, Skytec can provide your organization with premium spatial data products. These products can be easily integrated into GIS and CAD software for additional modeling and analysis. UAV mapping services are provided without the additional costs and processing times that traditional satellite or aircraft acquisitions require.

Thermal Imaging & Sensor Technology
Thermal Imaging & Sensor Technology Thermal infrared sensor, temperature degrees celsius

Skytec can implement the latest sensor technology to capture critical imagery and data. Sensor technologies, such as thermal imaging, are capable of detecting potential problems not readily documented by standard optical camera systems. By preemptively detecting problems such as leaks, electrical resistance, or overheating, companies can greatly reduce or prevent expensive equipment failures or service interruptions. Advancing sensor technology will allow companies to monitor everything from air quality to radiation measurements. Skytec can help your organization implement the latest in UAV sensing technologies to capture the critical data you need.

Site & Asset Inspection
Site & Asset Inspection Inspection with 30X Optical Zoom Sensor

Virtually all infrastructure ages and requires some measure of inspection. By implementing the latest UAV technology to inspect your organization’s assets, concerns can be addressed before they become problems. This helps your organization avoid potential service interruptions, while lowering costs. Traditional methods of inspection such as helicopters and cranes can be expensive and dangerous. With UAV technology, organizations can reduce costs and safety concerns, while producing an accurate and detailed inspection.

Agriculture & Forest Monitoring
Agriculture & Forest Monitoring LiDAR point cloud of forest canopy

Precision agriculture and forest monitoring are two rapidly emerging UAV applications. The use of passive and active remote sensing technologies can provide your organization with highly accurate measures and inventories of plant health, stressors, and associated site conditions. Whether flying near-infrared sensors for NDVI mapping or scanning forest canopy with LIDAR, Skytec can provide your organization with the best aerial data solution for agricultural or forestry applications.

Ecological & Environmental Monitoring
Ecological & Environmental Monitoring Site monitoring with image acquisition

The UAV platform is a powerful time and cost saving option for monitoring sensitive environmental sites. Inspection of erosion control installations, air quality monitoring at a hazardous waste landfill, or remote monitoring of sensitive wildlife populations, are just a few examples of the multiple environmental applications that UAVs can provide for your organization. Let Skytec’s experienced environmental scientist and licensed professional geologists develop a monitoring solution and strategy for your organization.

Data Collection

Modeling & Analysis

3D Modeling
3D Modeling 3D mesh model for project site

3D surfaces, terrains, or features can be extracted from UAV collected aerial data at very high levels of accuracy. Skytec employs both traditional photogrammetry techniques and LIDAR scanning solutions. The application and use of each technology depends on many factors, subject to the conditions of a site and the desired product output. Both techniques will derive high quality 3D model products which are easily transferred into GIS, CAD, Google Earth, or professional 3D modeling packages.


Does your organization need to accurately measure the volume of materials on a regular basis? If so, the time and cost savings of deploying UAV volumetric surveys could be very beneficial. Skytec uses both photogrammetric and LIDAR-based laser scanning techniques for accurately measuring and reporting volumes. Whether you are measuring infill on a construction site, tracking hazardous waste volumes at a landfill, or estimating material stockpiles, Skytec can provide your organization with a volumetric solution that saves time and operating expenses.

Data Analytics & Visualization
Data Analytics & Visualization © Photo by ESRI.

Robust analytical software packages allow for the tracking, monitoring, and visualization of trends, patterns, and relationships within large volumes of data. Skytec can help your organization better understand your data and day-to-day operations by tracking and displaying these indicators as metrics. Whether displaying live site inspection data, monitoring site conditions, or providing active material volume estimates, Skytec can create custom operational dashboards that display live charts, maps, and tables that better inform your organization.

Spatial Analysis
Spatial Analysis

Do you need to know where to locate an asset, where to apply a treatment or repair, or where to anticipate erosion or water runoff conditions on a sensitive site? The process of spatial analysis can help answer these types of critical planning and management questions. Skytec performs spatial analysis in GIS software with UAV acquired data when clients want to turn their data into information. Skytec maintains in-house expert level GIS software skills and experience, well suited for any modeling or analysis need.

Data Collection


UAV Program Development
UAV Program Development Training for flight operations

If your organization is ready to develop in-house UAV capabilities, then Skytec can guide you through the process of matching needs with appropriate hardware and software combinations. In addition, Skytec can assist you with FAA authorization, operating procedure development, designing best management practices, and training your pilot and data management team.

Data Systems Integration
Data Systems Integration

Acquiring quality aerial data is step one of the information management process. Migrating your data into an information management system is step two. Not every organization maintains the skill or capacity to easily do this. Skytec specializes in spatial data systems integration. Whether your organization maintains a high level of information systems expertise or none at all, Skytec can provide a custom integration solution for your organization's specific requirements.

GIS Application Development & Training
GIS Application Development & Training Web mapping application developed for client

Whether your organization is a daily user of spatial data and GIS software or completely brand new to it, Skytec can provide a custom solution that best fits your needs and requirements. Skytec works closely with industry leading software vendors to create secure applications ranging from simple browser-based viewing consoles, to advanced decision support systems. We provide development and training for cloud-based or locally hosted solutions, using industry standard platforms such as ArcGIS Online, Mapbox, CartoDB, and Google Maps.