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Skytec is a leader in Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies. Skytec provides competitive data capture, analysis and information delivery services with a commitment to safety, innovation and achieving our client’s objectives through high quality work and expertise.


Hybrid or Electric UAS? Insights from Skytec's Frigid Michigan Adventure

Hybrid or Electric UAS? Insights from Skytec's Frigid Michigan Adventure

Lately, there’s been a contentious debate about whether battery-powered unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are better than hybrid gas/electric systems, or vice-versa. Honestly, we’re not here to say which one is better or worse — and advancing technology could change the landscape at any moment. But we will say that according to our recent experience with the Harris H6 Hybrid system, we were extremely pleased with the way our new hybrid UAS handled a big job in some seriously harsh environs.

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Skytec Commitment

At Skytec we strive to be an industry leader in unmanned aerial data collection. We take great pride in professional service, safety of our operations and the quality of our work. We further separate ourselves from other providers through:

  • Turn-key data and processing services, specializing in:
  • - Data integrity
  • - Integration with industry professionals in engineering and mapping
  • Carrying high levels of insurance that meet or exceed client requirements
  • Emphasizing a safety culture through all operations
  • Employing a pilot corps with extensive aviation background
  • Maintaining and developing FAA Part 107 waivers, such as night time operations and authorized flights in restricted airspace
  • Deploying data and cyber security best management practices

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